Local News Covers the Team’s Journey

Check out this story on Shawnigan’s amazing performance at the Sanix tournament produced by Victoria’s Chek News!

Watch the Shawnigan story here

– Ryan Panton


Match Day # 6 Photos – Shawnigan v. Monument H.S.

Many thanks once again to Shawnigan parent Warwick Evans for these fantastic game photos!

– Ryan Panton

Match Day #5 Photos – Shawnigan v. Fushimi Technical H.S.

Thanks to Warwick Evans for these wonderful photos!

– Ryan Panton

Match Day #6 – Shawnigan v. Monument H.S.

A day of place deciders. Shawnigan came out slow and allowed two quick tries from South African champion Monument High School. They were a big, strong team who ran hard and with pace. Fatigue had really kicked in by this stage of the tournament for both sides. Haydn E. scored two tries and Djustice S-D added another, with Guiseppe D. notching 2 conversions and a penalty. In the end, Shawnigan’s valiant efforts fell just short, with the score at the final whistle showing Monument 32, Shawnigan 22. The coaches were proud of how the boys bounced back after the opening game and won 4 games in a row.

Kelston beat Truro in an exciting final. And Seika Girls Marching Band performed an impressive closing ceremony on the field after the trophy presentations.

One final treat from Sanix was a ticket to Japan National rugby team against the United Arab Emirates which Japan scored over 100 points to UAE’s 3.

The boys and their coaches would like to thank everyone involved in making this tournament one to remember. The messages of support from home and the shouting and cheering from parents able to make the trip meant so much to every member of the team.

The boys return home after a whirlwind ten days with a 10th place finish – by far the best performance by a Canadian team in the history of the Sanix tournament – and a lifetime of memories.

Thank you for being a part of this blog and for your support of the 1st XV and Shawnigan rugby!

– Mike Rea, Manager & Ryan Panton, Webmaster

Another Chance To See The Sights

Thursday – the next day off couldn’t have come sooner. A day to rest the battered bodies. Shawnigan chose to leave Global Arena and go to an amusement park in a neighboring city. Space World had all the big roller coasters, ferris wheel and a full scale Discovery Space Shuttle imported from the USA. Most of the team got their thrills but some took a more conservative approach and just observed.

Lunch and the afternoon in a mall next door finished off a relaxing day allowing the boys to take their minds off rugby for a few hours.

The team meeting in the evening consisted of some tactical changes to what was going to be a tougher game the next day against Fushimi Technical High School from Kyoto. Not forgetting about prep meant most of the assignments and homework were getting completed for the return home.

– Mike Rea

Shawnigan Advances to Consolation Final!

The 1st XV has continued their historic run at the Sanix tournament, recording a 45-24 victory over Fushimi Technical High School of Japan in the consolation semifinal!

The Shawnigan squad will now advance to the consolation final against Monument High School on Saturday. Stay tuned for more updates, photos and match details as they become available, and don’t forget to send your messages of support to mrea@shawnigan.ca!

– Ryan Panton

Match Day #4 – Shawnigan v. Incheon Mechanical Technical H.S.

Wednesday – with an 11am kick off, the Shawnigan 1st XV had a quiet morning of preparation for the quarter final game against the South Korean team. After the walking wounded had got their daily taping and strapping from the very efficient medical staff at Global Arena, they were ready for game #4 warm-up.

Today’s opposition didn’t have the best record in the tournament but coaches Murdy and Williams had to ensure there was no complacency going into the game.

Shawnigan got off to a similar slow start to the previous game, letting Incheon Mechanical Technical H.S run at them with the same intensity as their Japanese counterparts. But once in possession the boys in black and gold looked dangerous. With a pack so much more powerful than the South Koreans, it wasn’t long before Zak E. powered his way through for a try. Much more impressive structure throughout the 1st XV than previous games didn’t allow many phases of play for the opposition, letting Shawnigan have most of the possession. With Incheon Mechanical Technical H.S not competing in the Shawnigan driving maul at the lineout meant free-kicks were awarded to the South Koreans. Unfortunately they were unable to take advantage of their ‘free ball’. After quick passing to the backs and great handling on a moist day meant Haydn E., Oliver N. and Djustice S-D all crossed the line for tries. A brilliant Guiseppe D., who has been more impressive as the tournament has gone on, kicked 3 conversions and 1 penalty giving Shawnigan a 29-0 lead at the half.

The second half was much like the first, with the larger black and gold pack dominating the scrums and rucks, giving more space for the runners to cross the gain line. With most subs now on the field it was great to see the intensity of the game had not eased off. Danny H., Guiseppe D., Joel B. and Daniel B. all touched down with Guiseppe converting each try. An impressive 57-0 with 22 points coming from Guiseppe D., and all eight subs getting on the field.

We are now just past the half way mark of the tournament, and the team are starting to feel the effects of the amount of rugby and a complete change to their diet – some really tired bodies. None the less, prep time was still compulsory and the boys are working away on their assignments.

The sponsor, Sanix, had another treat in store for the coaches and managers. They were bussed off to a traditional Geisha restaurant in Fukuoka. An evening sitting on the floor, with delicious food, and entertainment from the Geisha ladies made it a cultural experience for all the different countries.

– Mike Rea